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Meet the team

The Blue House Project was founded in 2016, when 21 year old Jaira Sona Chin from Amsterdam travelled to India with her mother. After meeting the families of Pushkar locals Javari, Sunil, Vishal and Vikram who live in intergenerational poverty, she felt the urge to make a change. The families live in a tent camp in the desert of Pushkar and belong to the Scheduled Castes who are deprived of basic needs, stable income and education. Together with the four boys, she decided to start an NGO to support families through education, basic life needs and employment. 


The BHP is a grassroots non-profit organization, led by the founder with the support of a local youth- led team in Pushkar. All paid employees are members of the local disadvantaged community, emphasizing a bottom up approach that is community-driven.

Since 2023, The Blue House Project is working with an international team of volunteers and ambassadors. Do you want to get involved and make an impact?

Click here. 

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