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Sponsor a woman


 Our Women Employment Project offers a traineeship to young women from the tent community. The program includes skills training workshops, in partnership with jewelry makers, shops, volunteers and professionals.


Every single sponsor allows one more woman to be enrolled in the program. Sponsoring the training and employment of a young woman from the tent community has a direct impact on her life. 

The women of our community in Pushkar are in an extreme vulnerable position. When they are around age 7, they cook, clean and take care of the household. When they are around age 12, their parents find them a suitable husband from another village to arrange a marriage. Around age 16, they get married off. Around age 18, they move away from their family to their husband's village.

Most of these women face emotional, physical and sexual abuse. 


We want to break this cycle through education, empowerment and employment.

By sponsoring a child, you can change the future of one girl. By sponsoring a woman, you can change the life of one woman. Skills development and employment creates financial empowerment and independence.

Our new Sponsor A Woman program gives women the tools to become empowered and employed. In The Blue House, we offer skills trainings to young unskilled women who lack education and income. When you sponsor a woman, you allow her to enter this traineeship and eventually become skilled, empowered and employed! 


Sponsoring A Woman costs €25 a month. This includes the traineeship, materials, transport to The Blue House and food. 

When the women have acquired skills, we sell their products to our partner shops and on this website. Their income is generated from the sale of their handmade products. 100% of the proceeds is paid to the woman who made the product. 

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