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Education is the main focus of this project, because it will change a child's life and future. The more inclusive the reach of education, the more likely it is that even the poorest will have a chance of overcome poverty. 


This project provides education in two ways: 

• We send 70 children of disadvantaged families to the local APS school, sponsoring school fees, uniforms and school books

• We provide after school tuition and extracurricular activities in The Blue House 





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The APS school

We currently sponsor the education of 70 children of low caste families who live in tents in the desert of Pushkar. Our sponsors fund school fees, books and uniforms. Every single person who wants to sponsor a child's education helps us to send one more child to school. Click here for more information on how to sponsor a child. 

We enroll our students in the local Atharv Public School. The school is managed by a local couple from Pushkar. 

All our students are sponsored by individuals from all over the world. 

Find more information on how to sponsor a child's education here.

The Blue House

Our students eat lunch and attend tuition classes in our project centre: the Blue House. Six days a week, our students are tutored by our two local teachers. Lunch is made and served by our teenage boys. Most of our schoolchildren were lacking basic knowledge before they started school in 2016. Therefore, they need extra tuition and attention to increase their level of knowledge and skills.

Our students belong to poor lower castes and live in tents in the desert of Pushkar. 

Meet our students

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