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The Blue House Project is a non-profit organization founded to support disadvantaged families living in tents in the desert of Pushkar (Rajasthan - India). The families live in a tent camp and belong to the Scheduled Castes who are deprived of basic needs, stable income and education. The BHP strives to empower these families and break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. 

Our work

Through Education, Employment and Basic Life Needs, we help children and families to escape the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

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The main focus of the BHP is education. We enroll children in a local private school in Pushkar and sponsor school fees, uniforms and books. After school, the students come to the project center 'The Blue House'. In The Blue House, we provide extra tuition classes and lunch.
All paid employees belong to the local disadvantaged community. In addition, we sell products made by the families of which all proceeds go to the people who made the products. 
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The families live in poor circumstances in tents in the desert of Pushkar. To support the families, we provide monthly food packages and daily lunch for the kids. In addition, we supply basic needs such as health care and housing. 

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The Blue House Project was founded by Dutch Jaira Sona Chin in  2016. The BHP is a grassroots non-profit organization, led by the founder with the support of a local youth- led team in Pushkar. All paid employees are members of the local disadvantaged community, emphasizing a bottom up approach that is community-driven.

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